Posted on: 01/03/12 BY kate

Angela Wilkinson is the Librarian at Harper Green Secondary School: “At regular intervals throughout the school year I create a relaxing story-telling area in the library with comfy seating, fairy lights and a high-backed chair decked with colourful throws and cushions which becomes the “Story Chair”. Whoever volunteers to sit in the story chair is required to tell a story or read an extract from their favourite book to the assembled audience. Both pupils and staff volunteer to share their favourite pieces of literature. Everyone gets involved from catering staff to senior management. Often we tie the event in with other activities and celebrations such as Readathon or World Book Day. Children of all ages love being read to particularly if you inject a sense of occasion into the proceedings with a few props and subdued lighting. Whether it be Year 7 listening to “The Hobbit” or Year 11 enjoying extracts from their GCSE text “Of Mice & Men”, it brings the books to life and also provides an opportunity to introduce pupils to literature they may not have encountered before. It can also revive interest in the work of writers that are no longer as popular as they used to be. Our recent story sessions resulted in a resurgence of interest in the books of Paul Jennings and introduced pupils to Sue Townsend’s wonderful creation – Adrian Mole. In all three schools that I have worked in I have always found the Story Chair to be a sure fire hit and best of all it costs NOWT!