CONGRATULATIONS Light Oaks Juniors, Salford

Posted on: 19/11/14 BY kate

Today Siobhan’s sister & Trustee Denise Dowd and I visited our SLA School Library competition winner, Light Oaks Junior School in Salford.

They made a HUGE deal out of the official opening: the library is now fully stocked with an impressive selection of current fiction (everything published before Literacy Co-ordinator Miss Burke was born has been replaced they said) and there is a beautiful mural designed and painted by the very talented Mrs Done.

Light Oaks was picked as the winning school as the Judges (Trust Chairman Tony Bradman, Queen of Teen Author and ex-Primary teacher James Dawson, Secondary librarian Carol Webb and CLPE’s Charlotte Hacking) were impressed with the school’s enthusiasm and determination to build a school library despite a run of bad luck involving arson and then flood.

Some of the £6,000 prize money has been saved for the pupils to choose their own books – we look forward to seeing what they pick!

Lots of pictures – and some very impressive Roald Dahl themed dressing up, especially Mr Twit – are on our Twitter feed: @sdowdtrust. At least we HOPE the teacher was dressed as Mr Twit…

Kate Powling / Director, The Siobhan Dowd Trust