A Monster Calls (2011)

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by Patrick Ness, illustrated by Jim Kay (based on an idea by Siobhan Dowd)

“Compelling…Powerful and Impressive” Phillip Pullman

When does a writer really die? Since Dowd’s death, her publisher has brought out her Carnegie-winning novel, Solace of the Road. And now Patrick Ness and illustrator Jim Kay have created a new book from a set of notes that she left behind. In a moving introduction, Ness says it was like being handed a baton and told to run. Well, he ran fast and he ran with grace.” Frank Cottrell Boyce, The Guardian

In addition to the four award winning novels Siobhan left the roots of a fifth short novel. Carnegie Award & Costa winning author Patrick Ness has written a novel inspired by her initial outline. Critics have widely praised the result, saying it is neither typical of a Siobhan Dowd book nor a Patrick Ness title but a unique hybrid of two of the best Young Adult writers. A third collaborator, Jim Kay has added to the book’s power with striking and menacing black and white illustrations.

It is the story of 13 year old Conor, who is visited by a monster – part giant, part yew tree – while his mother is dying of Cancer. The monster returns for three nights to tell Conor three stories and demands in exchange that Conor face the truth he has been trying to avoid.

At the 2011 Edinburgh International Book Festival, Patrick Ness spoke to Julia Eccleshare about finishing another Author’s work.

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A Monster Calls is available in the following translations

German- Carlsen Verlag
Korean- Woonjin
Japanese- Asunaro Shobo
Norwegian- Cappelen Damm
Russian- Rippol
Hungarian- Vivandra
Portuguese-  Editoria Atica
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Greek- Patakis
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Bulgarian- Studio Artline
Taiwanese- Linking Publishing Co


Winner of The Red House Children’s Book Awards.
Winner of the Red Tentacle Award.
Winner of  the 2012 Carnegie Medal and Kate Greenaway Medal
Winner of the National Book Awards 2011 (The Children’s Book of the Year)